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GunScape: Heading to Xbox One

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Independent games developer and publisher ‘Blowfish Studios’ is proud to announce that Gunscape has been approved by Microsoft for ID@Xbox, and is on display at Microsoft’s Booth #4100 and OFMR #4000 in the West Hall. Currently slated for worldwide release in November of 2014, Gunscape offers to FPS fans the ability to create, share, publish and play their very own customized shooters.

Gunscape provides a toolbox of iconic weapons, monsters and level elements as the foundation for players to build co-op and single-player levels or multiplayer arenas in the most intuitive way possible. It does this by offering a series of easy-to-use tools based on a block-placement interface most gamers are accustomed to. And unlike similar tools currently available on the market, Gunscape aims to empower its authors to enjoy the process of abstract level design by imposing the same kind of refreshing constraints that the still-enduring user map communities of the earliest FPS games such as Doom™ enjoyed; rather than building a game, players build a level within a game that features robust action gameplay and a vast array of weapons, enemies and level components specifically designed to function with, and compliment, one another.

Including comprehensive multiplayer options such as co-op, collaborative creative mode and a variety of competitive arena modes in addition to single-player functionality and creative modes, Gunscape attempts to appeal to as broad a slice of action fans and Minecraft™ players as possible.

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