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Eventful June at AIKA Online

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Redbana, known publisher of free-to-play online games, comes out with a month filled with events and contests for AIKA Online players. From accomplishment rewards to PVP challenges, AIKA has a plethora of events tailor fitted for every type of player.

AIKA Online is a PVP-oriented MMORPG set in a fantasy medieval world called Arcan. In AIKA, players are immersed in Nation politics, where Nations are constantly warring against each other but everything, from the money earned and the clothes on their avatars’ backs, are earned solely by the player.

The whole month of June rewards new players for doing what they can do – leveling. All accounts made in the month of May and June have the chance to win a Ruby Core Augment, Sapphire Core Augment, an Ark of Death & Life Weapon/Armor Box or an Ark of Twilight & Dawn Weapon/Armor Box just by getting to level 77 by June 30. This Jumpstart Challenge is a boost that can’t be missed.

To celebrate important points of our history, AIKA is having Flag Events – Double Honor and Skull Event Drop for D-Day Landing Celebration on June 6 to 9, 2013 and for US Flag Day from June 14 to 16, 2013.

Meanwhile, those with the taste for PVP can try their hand at the Light in the Battlefield event, where players are pitted against each other Battle Royale style for the highly coveted Light of Hestia.

For this month only, Players can also receive prizes for participating in each week’s Ranking Dungeon. Each Nation’s players at the top of the Ranking Dungeon boards can acquire Augments after every weekly server maintenance.

These are only some of the events that Redbana’s AIKA Online will be offering this month of June. For more information about AIKA and the events for this month, go to

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