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Guns n’ Zombies: Zombie Shooter Released on Steam Early Access

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Guns n Zombies

Krealit announces the release of Guns´n´Zombies action game on Steam Early Access. In addition to captivating and dynamic battles with hordes of zombies, the game offers an absorbing storyline, well thought-out characters and a unique view on the genre as a whole.

The zombie shooter genre appears to be so oversaturated that the very word “zombie” most likely brings about a yawn among players rather than fear. So as a rule, nobody expects anything out of the ordinary from new projects in this genre. But this is precisely why Guns´n´Zombies, recently released on Steam Early Access, has amazed players with its unique approach and original implementation.

Hordes of zombies, numerous types of weapons and traditional post-apocalyptic surroundings are combined in the game with relevant role-playing elements, smart AI, a strong story component and many absorbing innovations, such as the ability to install turrets and a well thought-out bestiary of bionic monsters, each of which requires an individual approach.

Although Guns´n´Zombies is still under development, players are already noting its good stability, colorful graphics, excellent dynamics and high level of replay value. Before final game release, developers are planning to add co-op campaign and PvP skirmishes.

“We want to make a game that will provide players with an unforgettable experience, excite them and keep them on the edge of their seats for a long time,” says Dmitry Dryzhak, game designer at Krealit. “We are now looking forward to comments and suggestions from our players, so we are offering early access to the game at a discounted price.”

The full version of the game is scheduled for launch in August-September.

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