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Grand Launch of 2D RPG NTales Comes with a Major Update

NTales Grand Launch - Image

2D RPG NTales has successfully launched, and after a great deal of feedback, the Grand Launch offers a huge content update to the mobile game. A new mode has hit, in the form of the newly opened Coliseum. Queen Laminia is calling Saviours to come do battle, and her research team has also worked on some costume upgrades/costume enhancement technology to assist Saviours in their quest to save the world. Guilds can now change their logo and show off who is the coolest or most powerful guild of all. Guilds can also post announcements and level-up their guild, which increases the membership limit and additional buffs.

Features of Grand Launch:

  • Much Requested Guild Features!
  • Increased Guild Levels
  • New Guild Medal and Guild Store
  • Change your Guild logo and post a Guild announcement!
  • Vital Costume Updates!
  • Costume Upgrade (2% increase in all stats), up to +10 upgrade
  • Costume Enhancement (15% increase in all stats), +10 upgrade max
  • Costume Dismantle
  • Conquer the Coliseum!
  • New Events with Awesome Rewards!
  • And┬ámuch more
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