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Grand Chase introduces new job, dungeon, and skill tree

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Grand Chase’s latest update has introduced more than one new thing for players to enjoy.

One of the favorite characters of Grand Chase, Amy, has received her own skill tree, an upgrade to her job that lets players specialize her further. Until March 9th, players will be able to get special deals and bonuses for Amy. Jin has also received a fourth job, a Warrior class that can change his stances and utilize a Burning mode.

Finally, a new dungeon has been added: Victor’s Fortress.

The Original Press Release:


Fan Favorite Amy’s Skill Tree, New Dungeon And New Jobs Are Just Some Of The Latest Features In The Popular MMO

Irvine, Calif., February 23, 2009 – Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today, an all new skill tree for Amy, the 7th character in Grand Chase, along with a new dungeon – Victor’s Fortress – and Jin’s new 4th job, Rama. Amy’s Skill Tree and the new dungeon launch tomorrow, while Jin’s new job is already available in the popular online action-brawler MMO, Grand Chase.
Players can visit to check out the game.

“Amy is one of the favorites among Grand Chase players, and Amy’s Skill Tree has been the most requested feature for the past two months,”
said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. These new additions are what fans
are waiting for and we are happy to give them something exciting like the skill tree and new skill attacks.”

Amy’s Skill Tree and Special Events
Amy, the 7th character of Grand Chase and a fan favorite is getting her own Skill Tree! Skill Trees are “upgrades” for jobs and characters that allow for new and different skills to be used to revamp the character and/or job. To celebrate the release of the new Skill Tree, starting tomorrow, February 24th through March 9th, there will be special limited items on sale and Amy will receive an extra boost when playing with others in the same dungeon, in addition to free Amy giveaway items!

Victor’s Fortress
The Grand Chase, having arrived at the new dungeon named, Victor’s Fortress, finds the Black Knights Soldiers armed with strong powers of darkness and equipment. While everybody is embarrassed to find the leader is Victor, who used to be the head of Silver Knights, Jin bursts into a rage at the fact that Victor has been behind the fall of Silver Knights and all the incidents so far!

Jin’s 4th Job: Rama
Warriors – like the Warrior traitor Victor – able to achieve a
heightened state of consciousness were called Ramas. Together with
the Grand Chase, Jin defeated Victor, who had once been Jin’s master,
at his castle. Rama’s characteristics feature a more intense Burning
mode and evasive moves as well as strengthened Chi. Charging his Chi while performing one of Rama’s specials, will produce even greater results. Rama can also change his stance, a skill unique to this job, allowing for continuous combos and a wide display of excellent offensive and defensive techniques. One does not become a Rama through simple training alone, rather only those whose mind and body become one can attain a new level of consciousness.

Players must attain Level 40 and complete the 3rd job change mission to begin the following Rama Mission. The mission scroll is available as a GP or Cash Scroll. Jin’s 4th job skills include four exciting basic attacks and three compelling burning modes.

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