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GodsWar previews profession system

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An upcoming patch for GodsWar Online is set to add professions into the game, and the game is offering a preview of the system.

Players can get a profession skillbook at level 40 after completing a quest. There are four professions: Alchemy (potions, sigil stones), Blacksmithing (mount gear, mount upgrades), Mythcrafting (outfits, Holy Spirits, fireworks, holy ware), and Scholarship (quest scrolls, portal spells, support for other professions).

Professions also have a leveling system that gains experience as players craft. Crafting uses AP, which will go down as items are manufactured, but restore slowly over time.

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The Original Press Release:

GodsWar Online: Learn a Craft with the New Profession System

Even in times of war, there’s more to life in GodsWar Online than combat. Players who want to learn a craft can choose from four professions: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Mythcrafting and Scholarship. Though characters may only learn one of these at a time, players can later decide to start fresh by unlearning their current profession. Whether you want to make potions, gear for mounts, clothing, or other useful items, the profession system has something for everyone.

Getting Started
Learning a profession requires the corresponding Profession Skillbook, allowing a character to unlock the secrets of that profession with the help of the Profession Mentor at (100,-180) in the main city. Players can acquire a Profession Skillbook by completing the required Level 40 main quest. After learning a profession skill, you can put it to use by bringing up the Manufacture UI (hotkey: V). Creating a recipe is usually the first thing you’ll do after mastering a profession skill.

Pick Your Profession

  • Alchemy: alchemists can create a variety of items, including HP/MP potions, Sigil Stones or Exp/TP-boosting potions to aid them in battle.
  • Blacksmithing: blacksmiths can create mount gear and upgrade mounts.
  • Mythcrafting: this allows players to craft a variety of outfits and other items, such as Holy Spirits, fireworks, holy ware, and more.
  • Scholarship: though this is mainly a complementary profession whose skills support other professions, a scholar can also create quest scrolls and portal spells.

Unlearning a Profession
If you decide the profession you chose is not working out as well as you had hoped, you can unlearn it. However, doing so will wipe out any progress you’ve made in terms of profession level and recipes, so consider your choices carefully. To unlearn a profession, consult with the Profession Mentor at (100,-180) in the main city. If you want to start a new profession, you’ll need a new Profession Skillbook.

Activity Points
The Activity Points (AP) your character has will be gradually lost as you perform gathering and manufacturing activities. Whenever you are not performing these two activities, either while in-game or logged out, your AP total will increase over time. Please note that in-game AP recovery goes much faster than offline recovery.

Profession Exp
The only way to gain Profession Exp is by using recipes to create the relevant goods. Recipes are ranked by level, and to earn Profession Exp you must make sure you are not working with recipes whose levels are too low.

Profession Level
Your profession level increases when your total Profession Exp reaches a certain amount. Progress is linked to your character level. If your character’s level is too low, your profession level will not increase much until you’ve achieved a higher level.

Whether you’re just starting out on your GodsWar adventures or are a seasoned veteran, learning a profession can help you or your friends as you strive to overcome the challenges ahead. You will want to log in and find out what the profession system can do for you.

Note: The new profession system will be available soon.

Visit the official GodsWar Online site at for more tips on the profession system. Visit to learn about IGG’s growing family of games.

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