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Games of Glory Partners with MSI at Gamers Assembly

Games of Glory Partners with MSI at Gamers Assembly Post Header

Lightbulb Crew, the Franco-Swedish independent studio currently developing Games of Glory, has announced a partnership with MSI for the Gamers Assembly, France’s largest video game and eSport event. The GA will take place Easter weekend, April 4th – 6th, at the Parc d’Expositions in Poitiers. Attendees will be able to try out the game in person on MSI PCs at the Games of Glory booth, watch live onsite games on a 42” screen, and participate in raffles and other activities to win prizes ranging from GoG merchandise to Razer and ASUS peripherals.
To familiarize new players with the game, the Lightbulb Crew team plans to host an event on the main stage on the afternoon of Saturday April 4th, where two teams will confront one another in an all-out 3v3 battle.
“As a Made-in-France game, we are extremely excited to be represented at an event as important to the French scene as the Gamers Assembly,” said Anders Larsson, studio founder, Lightbulb Crew. “Poitiers will be a great chance for us to reach core gamers with some of our great new eSport features, especially on quality machines like those made by MSI.”
eSport is a part of the setting in Games of Glory, where teams use reactive controls to fight in fast-paced arena battles as part of a futuristic sport in a sci-fi universe. The outcome of these battles will determine the future of a persistent universe. The Games of Glory alpha is currently open to everyone. Gamers interested in participating can download the game and create their free accounts by visiting

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