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Frozen Endzone hits Steam Early Access

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Frozen Endzone

Mode 7 has recently announced that Frozen Endzone is now available one Steam’s Early Access program. This new version of the game also brings some major changes in gameplay and features, including:

  1. Players can now have stats: strength, resilience, “burst” (a small burst of acceleration when getting the ball), evade, intercept radius, block radius
  2. “Handball” (now called “Full Match”) game mode enters beta. This has been totally revamped to accommodate stats and is now the main game mode. Lots of turnovers, interceptions, end-to-end action, and new points zones make this really exciting and strategic.
  3. Team Editor allows you to name your players and set their stats; upload your team to the server and use it in multiplayer or skirmish with it offline
  4. Completely revamped, much more intelligent AI and a selection of new AI skirmishes
  5. Easy-to-use tile-based Pitch Editor (alpha)
  6. Custom Game Mode creator (alpha)
  7. Commentary system (alpha): commentary makes use of player names; in single player, the AI calculations are also used to allow the commentators to analyse your play-style; in multiplayer, the commentators will discuss your previous history with your opponent
  8. Some brand new animations and some big improvements to camera code

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