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FireFall: Chosen Offensive Event on September 28th

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Red 5 Studios announces its second Chosen Offensive live event for their open world MMO Shooter, Firefall, where players will be battling an army of Elite Chosen Bosses operated by the game’s development team. These menacing incursions can happen anywhere in the world of Firefall, from the deceptively tropical Coral Forest to the unending dunes of Sertao or even in the volcanic depths of Devil’s Tusk. Players who participate not only get the thrill and satisfaction of battling against members of the development team but can also earn event-exclusive rewards.

Participants who log onto Firefall and join the battle for a minimum of 60 consecutive minutes on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014, between 11:00am and 2:00pm PDT will receive rewards ranging from battleframe warpaint to a gorgeous new decal. Pilots who participate in the successful destruction of developer-controlled Chosen Bosses will receive an exclusive pet along with other prizes.

For more information about the Chosen Offensiveevent this Sunday along with the complete list of rewards, please visit:

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