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Face of Mankind Adds NPC System and More

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The latest update to the open-ended Sci-Fi MMORPG Face of Mankind comes with three major new features. The first is a comprehensive Non-Player Character system which will aid in roleplaying events. GMs will be able to edit the appearance and text of these NPCs. These NPCs should help better explain the game’s story, provide new players with direction, and thus help make it easier for beginners.

The city of Berlin has also been added with this update. It is a lawless wasteland which is not under the control of any faction. It should serve as an interesting local for more experienced players.

Finally, a new armor set that is made from the remains of xenomorphs has been added. This armor provides heavy protection against ballistic damage and provides additional incentives to hunt these aliens. To read more about Face of Mankind, check out our overview page. Read the full release below for more details on this update.

Full Release:

Release of Non-Player Character System, the City of Berlin, and new armor

1) Non-Player Character System

Face of Mankind is pleased to finally announce the implementation of a comprehensive Non-Player Character (NPC) system that will be used by our GameMasters for the facilitation of roleplay events.

The newly implemented system will allow GameMasters to edit a wide array of variables for these NPCs, ranging from appearance, speech, and missions issued, in a completely collaborative manner, allowing us to make the most of our GameMasters talents to produce results without needing an inordinate amount of time.

These NPCs will provide missions that can be accepted by any player as an alternative to the ones generated by the factions. They will largely be used to guide players along a storyline overarching all of Face of Mankind, that runs parallel to the roleplay that our players engage in on a day-to-day basis; to facilitate one-off events planned by our roleplay oriented Council or GameMasters; and tutorials for new players to get them better acquainted with what can sometimes be a steep learning curve in Face of Mankind.

A key feature that allows us to do the above is the introduction of what we call ‘chained missions’, which have a definite starting and ending point, and open up further successive missions upon the completion of prior ones.

2) Release of Berlin

The long-awaited release of the city of Berlin has finally arrived, but with many significant changes made to it.

Berlin is now a dilapidated wasteland far removed from its former self. It is a city that has been torn asunder by decades of civil unrest, and where the Dominion has effectively lost control over it. As such, it is a city that is completely devoid of the rule of law – a place where crimes can be committed without any consequences. That is, unless you happen to be caught by the rare Law Enforcement Department patrol red-handed.

Berlin is essentially a no-man’s land, where no faction will ever have ownership over it. It is a place unlike any other, being completely inconquerable.

The Public News Service (PNS) reported about the “Fall of Berlin” and it can be found here:

3) XenoTech Expeditionary Armor set

We are proud to announce the introduction of the next component of the xenomorph aspect of the game; a new set of armor that is made largely from the materials culled from xenomorph body parts. It provides incredible protection against ballistic damage, which is dealt by the xenomorphs on Necars Fields. As a result, it also provides greater protection against ballistic weapons. Furthermore, it is lighter than armors of similar protection rates. However, it must be noted that this weapon is slightly weak against damage dealt by energy weapons.

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