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Ether Saga Online adds Lost Worlds

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An update to Ether Saga Online has brought the previous previewed Lost Worlds, as well as UI improvements to Clan/Alliances and localization and bug fixes. The Lost Worlds can be reached through Zeon in Dizzet, and require virtue to enter and remain.

Patch Notes:

Content Additions:

– Lost Worlds map now open to explorers! Talk to Zeon – Elder in Dizzet to access the new map. Note: Lost Worlds requires virtue to enter. Purchase virtue from Zeon or consume a map from the Heaven Repository to gain virtue. Read our preview on the ESO website to learn more about Lost Worlds
– Dragon Slayer Forger NPC has moved to Pokari! He will trade his Dragon Slayer gear for Dragon Slayer Debris that you have collected. Armor costs 1,000 debris, and weapons cost 2,000 debris


– Interface improvements were made to the Clan/Alliance menu. Fixed the bleeding, truncated and misaligned text that appeared in the menu.
– Numerous localization improvements made to the following areas:

  • Quest text
  • Item descriptions
  • Interface text
  • Daily Fun Quests and Titles
  • ESO mini-game

Bug Fixes:

– The pre-requisite for the “Jade for Dawn/Dusk” quest has been removed. Players can now complete the questline at the Dusk and Dawn Dragonkin NPCs
– Chinese text removed from Warcry PvP victory prompts
– Removed all Chinese text from the Vanguard skill tree
– Removed all Chinese text from the ESO mini-game
– Fixed a few graphic issues that occurred in the Transformation Card NPC menus, namely the Hairy Pink Rhino Transformation
– Fixed the spacing issues in the Medal tooltip descriptions
– Fixed issues with the Families at War (Transformation) event

Cash Shop Updates:

– New: Cherry Blossom outfit (female and male fashion)
– New: Blood Immerged Stone (used to change gear from Defense to HP imbue, and vice versa)
– New: Lost Worlds Map

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