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Dragon’s Call: Clash of the Guilds now live

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Dragon’s Call has launched a new major update, “Clash of the Guilds.”

The update adds new functions to the guild system.  Guilds can now build various buildings within their castles. Once a dragon altar is built, guilds can then launch a guild war against another guild (if the other guild accepts). Guild wars can only be started once a day, and must set a War Appointment. Offensive guilds can earn special rewards for success. Guilds may also now have their own shared warehouse for guild members to use, with contribution points determining who can withdraw items. Finally, guilds may also accept daily Defense quests with special rewards.

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The Original Announcement:

Dragon’s Call Expansion: Clash of Guilds Launched!

After a long time waiting, the Dragon’s Call Expansion: Clash of Guilds has been officially launched now! The power gathering of Dragon’s Call’s new expansion was started from the cool spring time. But it was delayed for some mysterious reasons. Finally, the Dev Team has stopped polishing and unleashed it to the DC world in this crazy hot summer. Most of DC fans have already known some pieces of info about the expansion. But here’s the whole map – the new expansion: Clash of Guilds includes four parts: Guild Quest, Guild Warehouse, Guild Construction and Guild War. Now you have two choices, grab your weapon or staff, enter the battle with your guild mates directly. Or sit back, get a cup of coffee and read the instructions first. (Wait, wait, be patient, consider your own safety, oh, ok, it’s your call.)

Guild Construction

The newly added Guild Construction system will bring diversified gameplay to the guild, and different guild buildings will bring different buff effects to guild members.

After a guild is created, the system will allot a basic castle to the guild, based on which the guild leaders can use the guild fund and wealth to construct different buildings. When the guild reaches level 3 and constructs a dragon altar, it can start or accept a guild war.


Guild War

The guild war is a battle between two guilds started or accepted by guild leaders. The offensive guild can obtain corresponding rewards.

Each guild can only start and accept one guild war every day, which means each guild will have two chances to perform the guild war every day. The offensive guild can send a War Appointment to another guild to declare a war against that guild. The offensive guild can gain some guild wealth as reward and the defensive guild members can use the Guardian Dragon and Dragon Knight to protect their guild. Challenging a guild with only Level 1 altar cannot gain any reward.


Guild Warehouse

When a guild is founded, it will have a shared warehouse where items and equipment can be deposited. All guild members can use their personal guild contribution points to exchange for items in the warehouse, but only the guild leader and vice leaders are qualified to set the required contribution points.


Guild Quest

All players are able to accept a Guild Defense War quest from the Guild NPC every day. The quest requires players to destroy specific monsters, but they only have one chance to challenge. Rewards will be given out finally based on the number of stages they pass. In the course of the quest, players can neither restore HP by themselves nor use the HP Pack for auto-healing. They have to ask other guild members for help. Every guild member is allowed to heal others for 10 times every day.


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