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Double boosts and murder mystery in Ragnarok Online

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Ragnarok Online is celebrating this weekend with special events for reaching over 75,000 likes on Facebook.

From now until March 27, players will be able to enjoy double experience and double drops. The game is also hosting a special March Murder Mystery quest through the 27th, where players at medium and high levels can become sleuths and solve a mystery in the tropic town of Brasilis.

Ragnarok recently added new clothing options, and the new Homonculus S pet class expansion.

Ragnarok Online is published by Gravity Interactive, which also publishes ROSE Online and Dragon Saga.

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Celebrate Spring Break and our Milestone with Ragnarok Online!


MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (March 23, 2012) –Since 2009, RO’s Facebook page has been a place for people to discuss the game, get the latest news and to share cosplay and fanart. Just a short time after getting the page up to 50,000 likes, on March 21st, fans of international Ragnarok Online achieved the milestone of boost the game’s Facebook page over 75,000 likes.

To say ‘thank you’ to the community for reaching this milestone, the game is running a double experience and double drops event through March 27th. The events make it a great time to start a new character or to get some extra levels on the ones you already have!

  • Also running through the 27th is the March Murder Mystery quest. This quest was designed by a member of the iRO community and takes place in the Brazilian-themed town of Brasilis. The player is charged with helping a meddling group of teens chase down a terrible crime in a tropic paradise. This quest contains many twists and turns, so it is recommended for medium to high level players.
  • Earlier in the month, we also added new clothing options for all the classes! The Omni Clothing Dye Ticket will allow you to choose between the old looks and the new!
  • Unveiled in late January is the Homunculus S, a powerful new monster pet class expansion available to the Biochemist class of players. More about these useful companions can be found here:

With these updates and upcoming content being developed by Gravity Interactive, and an active community on Facebook and on Gravity’s official forums, it’s a great time to get started in the world of Rune Midgard!  Ragnarok Online can be played without subscription fees and also enjoys free updated content on a regular basis.

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