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Digimon Battle adds new Battle Modes

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A new update to Digimon Battle has added two new Battle Modes for players looking forward to PvP combat.

The Freestyle Battle Mode lets players fight on team or individual battles, from 1v1 through 5v5. Higher winning rates result in a better chance at rewards, while lower-ranked Tamers will gain better ranking points by defeating harder opponents. Leaderboards are available for the day, week, and month.

The new Battle Arena Mode introduces leveling up with PvP points. These points can be used to buy exclusive PvP gear, including equippable items and even eggs that aren’t available anywhere else.

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The Original Press Release:

Digimon Battle Unleashes PvP Combat with New Battle Modes

Tamers Can Now Test Their Skills in Individual or Team Battles Using Freestyle and Area Battle Modes

KIRKLAND, Wash. – July 22, 2010

WeMade Entertainment today announced the official launch of two new battle modes in Digimon Battle, the first multiplayer online game based on the Digimon animated series. Digimon Tamers can now engage in player versus player (PvP) matches in attempt to boost their Ranking Points (RP) and prove their battle skills. The newly released Freestyle Battle Mode and Battle Arena Mode will expand gameplay opportunities and introduce new challenges for Digimon fans around the world.

Freestyle Battle Mode allows fans to fight both individual or team battles, from one-on-one up to five-on-five players. Tamers who enter battle with a higher winning rate have a higher chance of reaping rewards. However, Digimon Battle players are encouraged to take more difficult challenges because lower ranked Tamers can achieve more Ranking Points if they beat the odds and defeat a stronger opponent. Tamers can fight their way to the top of the leaderboards and check their rankings for the day, week and month.

Battle Arena Mode lets players level up and earn PvP Points. Tamers can use PvP to buy exclusive PvP Gear such as head gear, jackets, t-shirts, trousers, gloves, foot gear, eggs, and other accessories that are not available in-game or even in the Digishop.

“We are encouraging fans to interact in the Digital World and are adding a cooperative aspect by enabling team battles,” said Kevin Seo, CEO of WeMade. “These modes are more challenging but also offer great rewards, which keeps gameplay intriguing and ultimately more entertaining.”

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