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Destroids invade Champions Online

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Perfect World Entertainment has launched a brand new event to celebrate the third anniversary of Champions Online.  Doctor Destroyer — or perhaps a pretender — has released an army of Destroids into Millenium City, seizing the city’s billboards.  Signs point to a larger invasion to come.

Players can fight them back across the city, complete with a daily mission to collect their memory cores.  The reward for completing the quest is a box of Questionite.  Billboards across the city will play a message of doom, and will allow players to try and figure out if Doctor Destroyer is truly behind the menace.

More information about the game’s milestones can be found in the screenshot below.

Perfect World Entertainment also publishes Forsaken World and Star Trek Online.

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Calling all Champions – Millennium City is being invaded! Doctor Destroyer – or another pretender to his terrifying throne – has unleashed an army of Destroids into Millennium City and taken control of the city’s billboards. Worse yet, all signs are that this is just the start of a larger invasion.

The Destroids are rampaging through the city, including Westside, though heroes have kept most of Renaissance Center clear. The Drifter has taken the lead in trying to understand the Destroid threat: Complete his daily mission to collect the Destroids’ memory cores, and he’ll reward you with a box of Questionite.

Renaissance Center’s holographic billboards have also been hacked, and every so often they will replay the message of doom. UNTIL is unsure whether this is actually Doctor Destroyer himself, the madman who nearly conquered California and burnt Detroit to a twisted ruin in 1992, or just another pretender… but either way, the billboards declare his intent to see Millennium City destroyed. You can hear his proclamation every so often, around seven minutes after the hour.

These are dark days, Champions, and this is just a taste of the terror to come. Keep an eye for more reports – we’ll make sure you’re warned if we detect any larger robots about to attack Millennium City.

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