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Destiny Knights Introduces Guild War Update

Destiny Knights Guild War Update -image

Destiny Knights from Netmarble released a new update today that introduced new features and several improvements to the overall game. The Guild War feature lets players match up with fellow clan members and battle other clans to reach progression rewards. The pre-season is live now and will run through November 27th, with a regular season beginning November 29th. The first season will run until December 26th. The PVP Arena has also received a new user interface, which accompanies updated match rules, match finding, tactics, type buff, and league tier systems. There will also be more rewards available for returning players.

This update also adds a new faction boss, The Inua Punisher, Zaratus. Zaratus debuts after the Wyvermensh season and resembles a massive bird/dragon hybrid. In celebration of the update, a new 5-Star Hero, Ingrid, The Commander of the Clairvoyagers, has also been introduced to the game. Plus, a new in-game Gold Dice event has been introduced today, allowing users to acquire rewards such as Skill Ragoons and more.

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