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Identity V Teams Up With the Junji Ito Collection

Identity V - Crossover news -image

Identity V released a poster not too long ago that teased a mysterious partner for the asymmetrical horror game. The “partner” is The Junji Ito Collection. Junji Ito┬áis the unrivaled master of horror comics and will be teaming up with the popular Gothic-style title. The Junji Ito Collection is the collected works of Junji Ito, legendary horror comics master, and is known to his fans as the creator of terror. As the godfather of horror manga and the most┬áimportant classical aesthetic cartoonist in modern Japanese history. The styles should fit together nicely, combining the gothic art of Identity V with the unique style of Junji Ito. Perhaps some of the iconic Junji Ito characters will make it to Oletus Manor. What will come of this pairing remains to be seen, but it promises to be exceptional.

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