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Conqueror’s Blade Releases ‘Knights & Squires’ Update

Conquerors Blade Knights & Squires update

A new update has arrived in Conqueror’s Blade today, and with it comes five new units and more. This update, the “Knights & Squires” update will add five new Crusade units to the game – Demesne Spearmen, Squires, Spear Sergeants, Men-at-Arms, and Monastic Knights. They were inspired by the chivalric orders that stood at the forefront of European military for centuries. New Tutorial Quests also come with this update as well as new daily, weekly and fief quests.

Several balancing changes have been made to certain units. Notably, cavalry units have received a boost to their health and base attacks, while the clout of their charge has been reduced by 10%. Additionally, the Dual Blades and Nodachi warlords now have new or altered skills, and join the Longbow and Glaive warlords in receiving stat adjustments in service of a more balanced combat experience for all players.

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