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Combat Arms previews new map

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The latest update for Combat Arms arrives this month, and will bring a new map for players.

The map, Oil Rig, features an abandoned oil rig where stolen government funds are rumored to be kept. The map is based on a European map design contest, and features many hiding and sniping positions. A new webseries of videos is being added to the Combat Arms website in commemoration.

Combat Arms is published by Nexon, which also publishes Vindictus, Dungeon Fighter Online, Mabinogi, and MapleStory.

Combat Arms Oil Rig Map Screenshots:


The Rig is Up: Brand new multiplayer map coming to Combat Arms April 20

New Combat Arms web video series debuts today: Combat Arms: Roommates

Enemy forces have taken the fight to the high seas, where an abandoned oil rig sits waiting for Combat Arms players to battle in the latest content update slated for April.

Intelligence has indicated that the decommissioned oil rig is a suspected storage facility for stolen government funds, and the clashing War Corp and UAF factions have begun to fight for control of the offshore oil platform and the hidden bounty within. UAF agents have been dispatched to secure the oil rig and clear out the remaining War Corp personnel.

This brand new map is based on the winning submission from the European Combat Arms map design contest. Soldiers are encouraged to examine the layout of the oil rig to familiarize themselves with its many intricate hiding and sniping positions.

To celebrate the release of this new map, Nexon is debuting the first in a series of web videos entitled Combat Arms: Roommates, which reveals a peek at the day-to-day banter between two hardcore female Combat Arms fans.  Follow Ali and D.V. as they encounter ruthless grenade spammers, hunt down camping snipers, and defend their KDR numbers all while trying to keep their friendship intact.

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