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Closed beta revealed for Planet War

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Planet War, YooGames’ newest browser-based space-MMO, has announced its closed beta will begin on August 9.

Planet War is a real-time strategy game, where players can build spaceships and explore the galaxy, discover alien civilizations, learn new technologies, build alliances, and use military and diplomatic prowess to expand their territory. The closed beta will feature multiple events, not yet announced.

YooGames also publishes Batheo and Warrior Saga.

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Starting August 9th Players Can Experience The Futuristic Real-Time Strategy Of Planet War

Shanghai, CHINA – August 5, 2011 – YooGames, an international publisher of online web titles, today revealed the start date for the closed beta for its newest title, Planet War.  An epic space game with no downloads or additional software required, players can hop right into the fun by visiting and playing in the closed beta beginning next week on August 9th. The closed beta test will be celebrated with multiple events which will be announced soon.

Planet War draws its inspiration from famous sci-fi novels and heroes, in hopes to break away from the traditional ancient time periods of similar games and to create a futuristic strategy game to appeal to the many sci-fi fans of the galaxy. This real-time browser game focuses on allowing the player to develop his military strategies as well as their political strategies to get ahead.

In Planet War, players build aircraft carriers to navigate the stars and Milky Way to explore and learn of the ancient alien civilizations.

Players can explore the alien technology and build alliances with many alien races to help develop the vast galaxy. Players can build space fleets continuously, explore the unknown star systems with other players and npc’s, and navigate different foreign policies with the purpose of achieving common development and the growth of the Milky Way.

To sign up for the closed beta test, players can visit the official site at

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