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Camelot Unchained Announces Bounty System Stretch Goal

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Today CityState Entertainment’s crowdfunding pushed past the monumental goal of $2.6 million, locking in the latest promise of bringing professional writer, Max Porter, onto the team to oversee Camelot Unchained‘s lore. Even biggest news arrived though as Mark Jacobs teased the new goal, a BSC Bounty System!

The Bounty System promises to allow every entity from the individual player, to guilds, to even the king of one of the Tri-Realms to announce a reward for either taking down a player, members of a guild, a location, or even an infamous creature of the depths. Some interesting information to note is this will be a valid method of reclaiming soul fragments lost from being killed by an opponent of another realm, and the description also confirms the existence of an official king of each realm.

Catch the full post here.

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