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Aura Kingdom DevBlog 5: The Residents of Azuria

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Welcome back, future Envoys!

We believe that a great fantasy experience hinges on an endless supply of wondrous creatures. This week, our focus is on the various species of NPCs—both friend and foe—that you’ll encounter as your adventure in Azuria unfolds. Check out this look at a few representatives of the races in Aura Kingdom!


Time and again, humans have proven themselves the most curious and innovative people in Terra. With an eye for art as well as functionality, Humans strive to make their clothes, tools, even their weapons things of beauty. The Church in the city of Navea is the central seat of power in Terra, dispatching its Templars to protect the smaller outlying towns.

Notable Human: Shadow Knight

Though this mysterious armor-clad warrior has only appeared in recent times, he has quickly become one of the most feared beings in all of Terra. The Shadow Knight’s motives are unclear for now, but players will uncover them as they work to undo the damage that his nefarious plots have caused across the land.


There is no prouder race than the feline Makar of Ventos Prairie, and with good reason. They are physically imposing and value honor above all. They view all outsiders with a measure of suspicion until they can adequately prove their worth. The few who are fortunate enough to count the Makar as allies, however, will find their unshakable loyalty and fortitude invaluable.

Notable Makar: Odum

Odum used to be a prince of the Makar tribe, but has been exiled by the king. However, many Makar believe Odum to be the rightful heir to the throne, and that his exile may be a cruel plot by the king and his two other sons. By helping Odum challenge his brothers and reclaim his rightful place in the Makar tribe, the player will gain a valuable ally.


The reclusive Centaurs are a mysterious bunch that people generally try to avoid. These brutal warriors tend to inhabit the ruins and wastelands that have been abandoned by the other races, and are as unpredictable as they are tenacious. In your journeys as an Envoy of Gaia, you will be one of the few people to actively encounter Centaurs—here’s hoping that you survive.

Notable Centaur: Vhell

Recently, a group of centaurs left their home at the East City Ruins to occupy the Dwarven battle arena. They have placed Vhell, a powerful sentinel, on the road to the arena to prevent anyone from entering.

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