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Atlantica Online celebrates second anniversary

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Since Atlantica Online launched in October 2008, it has seen over 3 million registered users, 10 million hours of game time, and over one million competitive matches played. Now, Ndoors is celebrating with a special series of anniversary events through October.

These events include:

  • – Second Anniversary Grand Championship Giveaway: Qualify to win $50 Gcoins by participating in the Grand Championship on October 31st. Winners earn $500 Gcoins.
  • – Double Experience Weekends: 200% experience for every weekend in October.
  • – October Facebook Treat Event: Each weekend, the first 300 players to participate in the Atlantica Online giveaway on Facebook will earn prizes.

Ndoors also publishes Wonder King and Luminary.

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Party Time for Atlanica Online’s Second Anniversary

Popular turn-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing game with more than 3 million registered users celebrates its second anniversary

LOS ANGELES – Oct. 14, 2010 – Happy anniversary, Atlantians! Ndoors Interactive,a worldwide online games publisher, is celebrating Atlantica Online’s second anniversary this month. It’s a major milestone for the popular game, which has posted some impressive user numbers since it launched in October 2008. Atlantica Online welcomed more than 3 million registered users into the game and they’ve been busy since launch:

  • More than 10 million hours of game time accumulated
  • More than 1 million competitive matches played
  • Players teamed up with more than 7 million mercenaries

To celebrate the occasion, Ndoors is hosting a number of anniversary events over the course of the next month, including:

  • Second Anniversary Grand Championship Giveaway: Anyone who participates in the Grand Championship on Sunday, Oct. 31 will be qualified to win $50 worth of Gcoins; Winners of the Grand Championship will receive $500 in Gcoins
  • Double Experience Weekends: During every weekend until the end of October, players have the chance to earn 200 percent experience instead of the normal 150 percent
  • October Facebook Treat Event: During every weekend until the end of October, the first 300 players to post their in-game name/server on the official Atlantica Online Facebook page will receive special prizes. Find out more: Atlantica Online Facebook.

Atlantica’s two-year anniversary is a major milestone for us at Ndoors,” said Peter Kang, CEO, Ndoors Interactive. “The game has really evolved since day one. We added new environments, characters and combat systems, proving we are fully committed to supporting our games far after launch. Ultimately, our enthusiastic fanbase helped us get to this point and shaped Atlantica into the special experience it is today.”

Atlantica Online combines innovative combat with profound character and party development, where players can assemble a clan of mercenaries to assist them in their adventures, as well as city and country management. Players take on the physically and mentally demanding quest to destroy the Oriharukon, a powerful energy source from the lost civilization of Atlantis. This dangerous element survived the demise of the “Lost City,” and its rampant spread is quickly endangering humanity. The epic journey takes players to some of the most historic and exotic locations around the globe, where they will come face-to-face with vicious monsters ripped from history and lore.

For more information about Atlantica Online and the anniversary events, please visit:

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