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Allods Online Blazing Skies Update Now Live

Allods Team has announced that Allods Online has launched its massive update, Blazing Skies.

Blazing Skies introduces a host of new content, beginning with the last chapter of the 7.0 story and the final confrontation with the architects. The update also includes:

  • Combat Training: A new combat training feature will be available, allowing all players to sign up for Dominion training or 3v3 and 6v6 arena training, with or without a raid group. While these do not affect personal rankings, winning in arena practice mode provides twenty-five Combat Emblems – a good way to gain arena experience and a handful of precious emblems.
  • Daily Quest: Every visit to Allods Online will also become more profitable due to a new daily quest system. Players will now be rewarded from a special reward table for completing a daily challenge, with each completion also adding milestone points that make every seventh day (7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, etc.) more rewarding. Reaching these milestones provides even bigger rewards, such as very rare costumes, strongboxes, and even pristine combat mounts.
  • Maze System: An updated maze system will bring forth new monsters, traps and auras, seasonal rewards, easier maze customization, and various other tweaks for maze-building enthusiasts to enjoy. Furthermore, players will also be able to ‘test’ their maze with a group of friends or mercenaries to see firsthand how potent their creation is.
  • Raid Search Feature: Thanks to the new raid search feature, players will be able to sign up for a new “Battle of Gods” adventure using the automatic raid search interface. The difficulty of this content will scale based on the number of players in the raid, and rewards players with equipment on their first boss kill(s) of the week, or meteorite staples and emblems of notable victory on repeat kills.
  • Astral Allods: Treasure hunters will discover two new astral allods – a mysterious Priden temple and “East Overshoe”, the residence of Shri-Imp.
  • Arena Update: Furthermore, a new title will also be granted to the top winners of the Arena of Heroes in the new season of frenzy, and the battle-log in skirmishes has been altered to provide an easier analysis of player performance, such as showing how much damage players received or absorbed from additional effects.
  • New Races: Lastly, two more races will now be able to select the Engineer class: Arisen (Inventors) and Gibberling (Cannoneers).
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