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Allods Online announces Rise of Gorluxor patch

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gPotato has announced that Allods Online will soon be receiving a new major update, titled Patch 1.1.02 – The Rise of Gorluxor, and to be released on October 6th.

The patch will add two new bosses in Gorluxor’s Tower, a significant rebalancing for many archetypes, new social features including an in-game calendar and a Looking for Group feature, a new zone called the Dream Factory for Imperials, and an improved Astral and Arena of Death.

gPotato (Gala-Net) also publishes Aika Online, Tales Runner, and Rappelz.

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The Allods Team is preparing the launch of our next major version, Patch 1.1.02 – The Rise of Gorluxor! This patch will be released on October 6th, 2010 and it will introduce tons of new content to the game while continuing to improve on existing content. Things to look forward to include:

Two new bosses in Gorluxor’s Tower! Along with Kazul the Astral Watcher, Gorluxor himself is now making an appearance as one of the final bosses of Gorluxor’s Tower!

Major rebalancing for multiple archetypes! Multiple archetypes have been significantly rebalanced – in particular the psionicist and scout archetypes have been majorly revamped and all characters of those archetypes will receive a free re-spec. The paladin, warrior, and mage archetypes were also fine-tuned and all characters of those archetypes will also receive a free re-spec.

A new Imperial zone! A new zone called the Dream Factory has been added that will contain a plethora of quests for lower level Imperial players.

New social features added! That’s right – the social features of the game have been greatly expanded. This includes an in-game calendar, emoticons, an improved emote system with the ability to hotkey emotes, a ready check option for raids, a Looking for Group function, and more!

An even better Astral! This patch introduces 100% brand new allods for Astral adventurers to explore. It also improves upon many of the ship devices and further tweaks the mechanics of Astral exploration.

A revamped Arena of Death! The Arena of Death has been significantly changed and improved, and now players have a chance to win legendary items if they can survive its challenges!

Make sure to stay tuned as we’ll be releasing the full patch notes next week!

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