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A.V.A. launches new Demolition map

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Alliance of Valiant Arms is launching a new update today, adding the new Airplane Demolition mode map, along with new weapons.

Airplane is a Demolition Style map, where the EU attempts to eliminate the NRF or destroy one of two map targets where weapons of mass destruction are stored after a plane crash, while the NRF plays defensively. New weapons for the patch are the PGM.338 (Pre-Release Capsule), Blue Skull Remington (Permanent Capsule), M4A1 MK.3 (Rifle Man), and FN-F2000 (Rifle Man).

Alliance of Valiant Arms is published by ijji, which also publishes Soldier Front and GunZ.

Alliance of Valiant Arms Gameplay Screenshot


Hello A.V.A fans!

We will have an A.V.A content update on August 17th from 11:00PM to 6:00AM (server time). During this time, the servers will be temporarily unavailable. In this update:

New Capsule Weapons:
– PGM.338 (Pre-Release Capsule)
– Blue Skull Remington (Permanent Capsule)

New Weapon Shop Item:
– M4A1 MK.3 (Rifle Man)
– FN-F2000 (Rifle Man)

New Map:
– Airplane [Demolition]

Other Changes:
– Event Channel: Airplane (Demolition)

Update Schedule:
California: 8/17 @ 11:00PM – 6:00AM
New York: 8/18 @ 2:00AM – 9:00AM
Berlin: 8/18 @ 8:00AM – 3:00PM

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