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Star Trek Online – Agents of Yesterday Temporal Agent Starter Pack Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday update, we’re teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to host a raffle for your shot at winning a Temporal Agent Starter Pack!

Each pack includes several items to help you create a brand-new Temporal Agent, including two temporal ships, torn uniforms from Star Trek: The Original Series, an 0718 Bridge Officer and the official title of “Temporal Agent.”

Agents of Yesterday sends players back in time to create new Captains in the Star Trek: The Original Series era, fly classic Starships and experience new episodes inspired by the television series that started it all. As a Captain from The Original Series, players will participate in new task force missions, interact with iconic characters voiced by original Trek actors and command era-appropriate ships, including the Enterprise, Constitution-class starship.



Giveaway is no longer active.
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