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Mercenaries Revealed for Ecol Tactics Online

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GamesCampus has announced details today on the four NPC mercenary classes available in Ecol Tactics Online.

“Players don’t enter the battlefield alone, and choosing the right mercenary to complement them is completely up to the player,” said Elliott Coward, Project Lead for Ecol Tactics Online. “Mercenaries become permanent party members – just like in a full client-based MMORPG, except Ecol Tactics Online is immediately accessible in a browser.”

Appearance, costumes, and customization are free for the player to edit for these four classes:

Reading about strategy, triage, and practicing on paper cuts and boo boos wasn’t enough for this young buck. He left his family’s ridiculously large estate behind, along with all its wealth to join the Mercenaries Alliance. His craving for life experience leads him to Vermonics. Keeping his allies on their feet with heals and helping them recover from poisons, paralysis, Clerics find safety in the back of a group.

Trained in the ways of magic for decades, The Mage harnesses her power to control the battlefield. The Mage always carries a Staff but has been known to use wands from time to time. Summon powerful minions, control your opponents with spells, and deal damage over a large area. The Mage is nearly 120 years old but you won’t find a wart on this witch; it’s amazing what the arcane arts can do to your skin!

Confident, brave and maybe a bit foolhardy, the fighter wields Swords, Daggers, Sabers, Katanas — basically anything sharp and pointy. Fighters control the battlefield by knocking opponents around into just the right position for the rest of his crew to finish them off! Fighters excel at positioning and melee area of effect attacks.

A silent huntress, bow always at the ready, agile and swift she attacks from long range with her formidable strength. Arrows imbued with magic apply poisons which stun, weaken and damage opponents. She excels at single target damage and crowd control, and has the longest range attacks in Ecol Tactics Online!

Ecol Tactics Mercenary Art:

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