Valentine’s Day Events for APB Reloaded

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GamersFirst has launched a new, Valentine’s Day themed event for APB Reloaded, featuring contests and a new customizable item.

Players can earn a variety of rewards simply by taking down opponents.  There are five different ranks, with the final rank giving a Valentine’s weapon skin to really show off.  An additional challenge awaits players who use the Colby SNR 850 ‘Cherub’ secondary weapon they will receive for logging in during the week.  Achieve a number of kills with this weapon, and you can unlock a brand new title as well as unlocking the weapon for permanent use.

For the creative minded, APB will be having a “Rev My Engine” contest to reward people who can best trick out their vehicle.  14 winners will receive a Vehicle Selector, which gives them their choice of vehicle permanently.

Finally, players can buy the new “Fallen Angel” pack on the marketplace, giving them a new title, and a halo and angel wings to customize their characters with.

GamersFirst also publishes Fallen Earth.


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