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Grey Shores of Oblivion Opens in Knight Age

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On February 5, Joymax opened up the new area in Knight age, called the Grey Shores of Oblivion.  A whole new, challenging questline awaits players on the isle.

Beginning the Help Seal Helfyr questline, players will be encouraged to gather their strongest allies, and delve into Helfyr’s Lair, once home to beautiful firebirds and the Spirit King of Flames.  Now cursed, players must stop the evil threatening nearby Green Shores Village by sealing the wicked Helfyr once and for all.

Players who down the challenging boss will be entered into a to receive  the boss Pupa Mongoose until March 5.  On March 12, 20 lucky players will earn the right to summon this powerful addition, as well as a 30-day Vital Water to speed the leveling process.

Joymax also publishes Silkroad Online and Digimon Masters Online.

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