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Ubisoft’s Might & Magic Elemental Guardians Now Out

Ubisoft has announced today the global launch of their mobile RPG – Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians on the App Store/Google Play. Entering the Arena is free to download and play, letting players explore the universe of Might & Magic. As a young Wizard apprentice at Akadimia: The Academy of Magic, you will begin a great journey across the enchanted lands of Ashan, discovering ancient lore and collecting epic fantasy creatures. It’s imperative to train and power-up these creatures, where you unlock their true might and form a team of warriors to battle on your side. Get ready to become the ultimate champion of Ashan!

Might & Magic Elemental Guardians features include:

· Intense PVE Battles: Assemble your team and summon them to fight in fast-paced RPG battles. Command them strategically, using the elements tactically.

· Fast-Paced PvP Combat: Enter the Arena and challenge players from around the world in asynchronous battles. Climb the weekly rankings from Beginner to Master League to win fantastic rewards.

· Unique Elemental Creatures: Encounter, battle and collect over 400 beautifully animated elemental creatures such as the legendary Dragon, heroic Paladin, stealthy Assassin and colossal Giant.

· Epic Creature Evolution: Witness the transformation as creatures evolve from cute companions to legendary allies. Train their magical abilities and equip ancient Glyphs to unleash their battle prowess.

· Augmented Reality: Bring creatures to life before your eyes with the new AR mode! Take snapshots of your favorites by your side and witness PvP battles from a whole new perspective.

· Live Events & Guild Quests: Take part in a range of challenging Live Events and win rare items. Join a guild to unlock co-operative quests with your teammates.

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