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Top 10 Best Free MMO Shooter Games

Top 10 Best Free to Play MMO Shooter Games

In the video above I highlight the top 10 best free to play MMO Shooter games based on user ratings from MMOHuts visitors. The games highlighted in the video were not chosen or ranked based on my opinion, but rather user ratings right here on MMOHuts! The top 10 best free MMO shooter games list includes both FPS and Third Person Shooters. From #10 to #1 the games mentioned are K.O.S. Secret Operations, Operation 7, Combat Arms, Wolfteam, Cross Fire, Genesis AD, Project Blackout, S4 League, and Alliance of Valiant Arms.

If you disagree with the list that’s perfectly fine. Feel free to leave your own top 10 best free to play MMO shooters list in the comments below and make sure to vote for your favorite games here’s on MMOHuts!

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