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TERA: Reloaded Launches on Xbox One and PS4

En Masse Entertainment brings the biggest update to the console edition of TERA today – TERA Reloaded! With it comes the Elin Gunner, which is now available for everyone to play. She might be adorable and pint-sized, but her gun packs a wallop. With this update comes TERA’s anniversary month celebration, and there’s a month-long leveling event planned for all characters. This includes a special reward for gunners who hit 65 by April 30th, 2019.  At level 3, 14, 20, and every five levels until 65, for one character per class, you’ll receive a leveling reward package full of helpful items, along with tips about what to do next.

If that weren’t enough, there’s the new Enchanting System, Guardian Legion Missions that offer daily quests for everyone, and new endgame dungeons that come with an enticing endgame gear system. Twitch Prime members will also find a number of promotional goodies inside a special package coming to Twitch Prime today! It will include codes and cosmetics for all of En Masse’s games including TERA console. Players can head to their Twitch Prime page to grab their gift today!

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