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Star Ocean: Anamnesis Reveals 2B from NieR Series

To celebrate the release of Star Ocean Anamnesis in additional countries around the world, the fan-favorite android from NieR, 2B, comes to the game! She is available to draw with greatly increased rates from a limited-time Campaign Character Draw until October 30, 2018. 2B is an ace Attacker unit who excels in short-range weapons combat and will prove invaluable to players’ adventures ahead. All players who create a new account until November 6th also benefit from the “Welcome Aboard Campaign” simply by logging in.

Welcome Aboard Campaign Features:

  • 5000 Gems – Valuable in-game currency that can be used to summon powerful new characters, weapons and more.
  • One 5-star Ace Character Ticket and Three 5-star Weapon Ticket – Extremely rare items to unlock powerful characters and gear.
  • One 4-star Welch and One 5-star Faize Characters – The bubbly, iconic recurring STAR OCEAN-series character Welch Vineyard, as well as the cool and collected Faize, originally from STAR OCEAN: The Last Hope alongside their powerful Jester’s Wand and Eldar Lord Rapier equipment.
  • A number of additional Crystals, Prisms, Stamina Tickets, Fol and other valuable bonus items to help players unlock their maximum potential power.

As STAR OCEAN: ANAMNESIS expands its availability worldwide, information revealing players’ favorite characters and roles has also been released. Players have used Maria, originally from STAR OCEAN: Till the End of Time, the most in battle, with Summer Myuria and the default version of Myuria, originally from STAR OCEAN: The Last Hope™, ranking in second and third place respectively. Maria also has the honor of being the character most favorited by players and displayed on their home screens. Attacker type characters are most popular with players, followed by Sharpshooters and Healers.

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