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Royal Chaos Is Ready for a Global English Version

Royal Chaos is a Chinese Mobile RPG that was released in 2017 and since gained a great deal of popularity. Wish Interactive followed up by launching a global Chinese version this year, and beginning tomorrow, the English version will be live for mobile devices. Royal Chaos takes place in ancient China and allows players to experience the palace conflict of the Royal Harem. Free to explore their own story, their decisions will affect how stories unfold. It will also feature RPG elements, PVP battles, all set in the ancient Chinese era, and players can customize their battle line-up by drawing hero cards. The more of these cards the player has, the greater their versatility.

Key Features:
• Entering a Dreamlike Kingdom of Romance: Explore stunning scenery and rich storylines.
• Choosing Your Own Destiny: Embrace your characters choices and pursue a happy ending!
• Dressing Up Like A Queen: Conquer with your beauty. Various outfits to build your own stylish palace fashion and stand
out in beauty contests. Let your wardrobe be your weapon.
• Fight for Your Love: Battle in an arduous royal war or become immersed in a romantic love affair. Summon
historical figures to your aid in fierce turn-based combat.
• Real-Time Social Interaction: Chat with other players, take a stroll through beautiful courtyards, or enjoy a private candlelit

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