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Occupy White Walls Launches 2.0 Update

Stikipixels announced recently the v 2.0 launch of their free-to-play MMO, Occupy White Walls. Occupy White Walls is about creating creative, striking spaces and filling them with works of art. This latest update makes that more enjoyable than ever, by letting players have collaborative galleries – this way they can create unique art with friends and strangers alike. Russian, Spanish, German, French and Polish localization also arrived in this update. This update also makes discovering art easier than ever, thanks to the AI curator DAISY. DAISY tracks your viewing habits and shows you pieces of art that she thinks you will love.

After you’ve created the skeleton of your gallery, then you can fill it with art from the MET in New York and the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. These galleries feature contemporary artists such as Sergey Kolesov, Oriol Hernández, and Sr. X. Occupy White Walls is committed to blurring the line between a world builder and art education tool.

“Occupy White Walls is a virtual world unlike any other,” explains Professor Richard A. Bartle, an advisor on the game and one of the pioneers of massively multiplayer online game design. “OWW is shredding the rulebook for art accessibility by using the virtual to show the real world how it’s done. You don’t have to like all art, you just have to know there is art you’ll like – OWW will do the rest. Throw a wall here, a window there, add a doorway to the room where you keep all your pictures of thunderstorms, abstract squares, or anything by Cezanne. Whatever you want, OWW will help you find it, display it, and show it off to others.”

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