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Next Day Published a Major Update as well as Release Date

Survival MMORPG Next Day has announced that the game will release on May 21st. To celebrate this, the biggest update to the game will be launched. A variety of new locations have been added, the largest of which being Dead Marshes, which is filled with a toxic smog that caused the global catastrophe. It will take hours to complete the quests in this zone and explore the whole of it. Next Day has new unique enemies, which boast a challenge to tackle.┬áThe major feature of the latest update is the new set of armor. It is an exoskeleton that’ll turn your character into a true war machine. The reinforced armor-1 (UKB-1) is powered by an internal battery. It increases both your firepower and defense rate manifold. You are supposed to carefully check and control the temperature output of the armor set, and monitor the battery life. Miss out a second, and your armor is bricked.

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