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MMOHuts New Video Producer Contest!

MMOHuts New Video Producer Contest!

MMOHuts is looking for one more video producer for the MMOHuts YouTube channel! 

We’ve decided to let YOU choose the newest video producer for MMOHuts! In doing so we have created a video contest to select the next contributor. Watch the following video for details on entering or check out the rules and instructions below. On November 1st the top 5 videos with the highest number of likes will be featured on MMOHuts and the final winner will be contacted  to discuss future ventures in MMOHuts videos.

MMOHuts Video Producer Contest Instructions and Rules

  1. All videos must be submitted as a video response to THIS video (if you need to figure out how to submit a response video on YouTube, Google it)
  2. All submitted videos must include the MMOHuts Intro – MMOHuts Intro 
  3. You can submit as many videos as you want!
  4. Create a top five list video ( top 5 mmorpg of all time, top 5 mmo characters of all time/this year…etc. get creative)
  5. Try to keep the videos under 15 minutes in length
  6. No copyrighted material, music, movie footage, etc.
  7. The video must be new. Plus, it must have an upload date later than this video.
  8. Contest ends November 1st

Things to consider…

With the videos you upload you are trying to when this with likes so get your videos up as soon as possible to have the longest time possible to gain likes.

I doesn’t hurt to promote your video.

If you don’t win, this can be a great way to promote your own personal channel and get exposure to a large audience.

If you have questions about the contest comment below.

Good luck, have fun!

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