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Ghost Recon Phantoms: Patch 1.2.4

Design Manager Simon Davis reviews the changes in update 1.2.4.

Official Patch notes:

Weapon Changes

We have addressed several community concerns for the AK-200 series, for example, the AKS-200R had very low control value (previously 0) and a small magazine size. Now the weapons are more competitive with the latest tier. We’ve also made some changes to the JGL weapons and the Type 95 based on community feedback.

Device Changes

Since Patch 1.2, we’ve heard a lot of your feedback about devices. We’re going to increase the cool down rate a little to reduce device spam, as well as other small tweaks to balance them.

Private Matches

This has been a popular request from our community for some time. Now you can play with others regardless of clan in any map of your choice! It’s a great way to have fun with your friends or practice with fellow clan members or other players.

Updated Kill Screen

Now you can see the setup and outfit of the enemy that killed you – or – your enemies can now see you when you kill them in the brand-new kill screen.

Tactical Suit Camo Customization

Like Weapon Camo, you can now customize the camo pattern of your Tactical Suit! There will be 10 familiar camos to start you off with and we’ll be adding more and more on the way.

Upgraded Mystery Boxes

We’ve updated all mystery boxes so that the latest Watch Dogs weapons can be obtained from them. We are also increasingly slightly the chance for primary weapons to be obtained from Bronze Boxes.

Ability to unbind Tactical Suit Upgrades

A major point of feedback from the community was that our Tactical Suit upgrades system was inflexible and doesn’t allow players to switch upgrades between their Tactical Suits. With this new feature, Tactical Suit upgrades are now transferable for a fee, based on the tier of the upgrade.

More information about the other features added into update 1.2.4 can be found HERE!

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