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Colt Plays Paladins! [2/3/2017]

Colt Plays Paladins, this time with more viewers! I don’t think we lost a single game for this entire play session. If you’re on the fence about Paladins, you really should just go ahead and download it. It’s free and incredibly fun. Even more so now that they seem to have fixed up the matchmaking. I’ve found a new favorite character every time I’ve played the game. Cassie and Ruckus put in work today and put me a step closer to unlocking ranked play. I’m glad we had so many people come out for the stream and I hope if you haven’t yet you’ll do the same and join in the fun! If you want to get in on some Paladins action, you can download the game here.

Special shoutout to some of the players that joined me on today’s stream: Zacczac, RemiV, music667, jojomcbinkyface, riverstorm, cleverclover, you guys are amazing. Thanks for helping carry us to some wins. Make sure you don’t miss the next stream on Monday by clicking here and subscribing!

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