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Super Evil Megacorp, developer of core games perfected for touchscreen, will bring players a new world of epic battles, powerful guns, customizable abilities, and mystical primals from another realm with the release of battleground shooter Catalyst Black on May 25. The premier quality mobile title will immediately be playable on touch screen and controller, and can be scaled up from mobile to large screen.

Launching on iOS and Android, Catalyst Black is designed with Super Evil’s core philosophy that gamers are gamers on every device and deserve to play beautiful, responsive, and shared experiences regardless of the device or control mechanism they choose to play on. This guiding principle also fuels Super Evil’s proprietary E.V.I.L. engine, upon which Catalyst Black is built, known for unlocking the best possible player experiences by delivering high-performance graphics and precision controls across the widest range of hardware and screen sizes. Pre-registration for Catalyst Black, which unlocks several in-game rewards at major milestones, is available now at

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