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Black Gold Online: The Kosh Race Reveal

Black Gold Online has revealed another race in its world: the Kosh.

The enigmatic Kosh: an ancient race that long ago ruled the lands now comprising the Magic alignment. The Kosh believe they are the children of the Sun God and that Black Gold—bestowed from this divine being—is what endowed them with exceptional intelligence and physical might.

It was Black Gold that first allowed the Kosh to grasp the essences of myriad things, and they used this knowledge to overcome every challenge and topple foes over the millennia.

Faction: The Erlandir Union

Allies: Yutonian Humans, Aureks

Language: Kosh Common Tongue

Available Classes:Demon Hunter, Elementalist, Alchemist

Character Traits: Wise, Calm & Rational

Physique: Slender with long limbs, feline ears and tail, between 5’6 to 6’6 in height. Kosh are agile and extremely gifted in the magical arts.

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