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Arcane Saga – First Look

Arcane Saga – First Look

The game once known as Prius Online is back with a new publisher (NetMarble) and a new name, Arcane Saga!

Whether players are interested in questing, exploration or brutal PvP action, Arcane Saga offers something for every type of MMO gamer. The fantasy realm of Prius is a world where fans of classic MMORPG gameplay will feel immediately at home. The game also contains modern touches, such as inventive, ruthless combo attacks. Arcane Saga’s job and combo system is just one distinct way for players to showcase their prowess and earn coveted rewards in the process.

Open world questing and world PvP keeps the daily landscape of Arcane Saga exciting and unpredictable, especially when augmented by special Castle Siege events. Furthermore, achievements await industrious players who dedicate themselves to crafting, delving instanced dungeons, participating in PvP combat or mastering combo attacks. Achievements earn players Stars, which can be redeemed for the chance to win valuable prizes, including cash shop items.

Scheduled to launch in the first half of 2013, Arcane Saga will be available to play for free in North America, South America and Europe.

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