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World of Tanks Update 8.4 First Details

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Wargaming has announced the initial details of its upcoming 8.4 Update for World of Tanks.  In addition to new tank destroyers fro the British and Soviet nations, the Germans will also receive new light tanks.

Ten of the finest British tank hunters, such as the Universal Carrier QF2 and the A39 Tortoise, will be available, strengthening the country’s options significantly.  The Soviets will also receive the SU-100Y Tank destroyer.

In addition to new tanks, four maps will be getting a visual and rendering overhaul, including Steppes, Fisherman’s Bay, Ensk, and Live Oaks.  A brand new tutorial will also be released, covering controls, shooting mechanics, and combat tactics.

Wargaming also publishes World of Warplanes and World of Warships.

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