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Golfstar coming to North America

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News today revealed that gamigo has acquired the publishing rights for North America for Com2uS’ GolfStar, a free-to-play golf MMO.

Unlike other golf games, Golfstar allows up to 30 players on the course, who all play simultaneously, rather than taking turns. The game features realistic gameplay and graphics, and players can learn both passive and active skills to enhance their gameplay.

gamigo also publishes Pirate Galaxy, War of Angels, and the upcoming Black Prophecy.

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gamigo acquires North American licensing rights for Golfstar

Hamburg, September 28, 2010 – With the acquisition of Golfstar, the games publisher gamigo has added another exciting game to its line-up for the North American market. The golf MMOG, developed by the Korean-based Com2uS, will make the hearts of golf fans beat a little faster.

In Golfstar up to 30 players can play in one flight and compete against each other. And the best part: you don’t have to wait for the other guy to finish his turn. Everyone plays at the same time and can even watch their opponent’s golf balls fly past them. Players can learn passive skills that influence their stamina and strength, for example, as well as active skills. These are a bit more tricky and players will need a bit of skill to master them.

A variety of clothing players can choose from to create their golf star’s own style and brings color to the course. The game is rendered in highly-detailed anime-style graphics.

Patrick Streppel, member of gamigo’s executive board: “We shaped the market for golf MMOGs three years ago with Shot Online, establishing one of the most successful online sports games in Europe. Now we can apply the experience we’ve gathered doing so to Golfstar.”

“In developing Golfstar, we’ve paid close attention to feedback from the community. The game has everything a modern golf MMOG needs:
superb graphics and realistic gameplay with loads of skills and items as well as tried and tested community features. Golfstar has the stuff to be a huge hit!” Streppel added.

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