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Wolf Team launches new characters and UI

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Wolf Team, an MMO shooter from Aeria Games, has received a new major update.

The update adds four new characters, two for the red team and two for the blue. New on the red team are Adriana Tenorio, a master of espionage, and her cousin Pedro Gomes, leader of the terrorist group “Lycan.” On the blue team are Angela Mao, a top WolfTeam-S Lieutenant, and Christopher Smith, an ex-captain of the U.S. Army.

The update also adds a new weapon pack, and a complete UI overhaul that improves the experience from personal mission screens and inventory to the Item Mall, chatroom, and battlefield.

Wolf Team Gameplay Screenshot

The Original Press Release:

Wolf Team Upgrades Bring New Look, New Characters


SANTA CLARA, Calif. – July 16, 2010 – Aeria Games, a leading publisher of interactive entertainment, has released an extensive update for Wolf Team, the free-to-play first-person shooter (FPS) which pits heavily armed human soldiers against fearsome werewolves. Including a complete overhaul of Wolf Team’s user interface and a series of all-new in-game characters, this update is available now for all players.

Included in the update are several new characters available for selection, allowing Wolf Team players to stand out from the wolf pack with unique in-game avatars. Players will even be able to select female soldiers for the first time; all new characters will also confer special bonuses such as extra gold or experience when used. These selections will appear in Wolf Team’s redesigned interface, which brings a new look and dozens of improvements to every aspect of the game, from the chatroom and Item Mall to the battlefield HUD.

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