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UFO Online Launches on Steam

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UFO Fight for Earth

Funatics Software announces the official launch of strategy MMOG UFO Online: Fight for Earth and the premiere on Steam. Following an extended beta phase the balancing and matchmaking have been thoroughly reworked.

They said they came in peace… but since the aliens have landed, earth is descending into chaos. The Scum are destroying whole landscapes, stripping our planet of resources and enslaving mankind. In the meantime three opposed human factions are using the chaos to continue their own struggle for global dominance. In “UFO Online” players lead a resistance group to change the planet’s fate by building their underground base, recruiting experts for their strike force and fighting aliens and humans alike to conquer important territories for their faction. With that “UFO Online” follows the footsteps of classics like “UFO” and “XCOM” but transfers the known gameplay mixture of 3D turn-based strategy and base building into a dynamic online world.

  • Turn-based combat against computer-controlled enemies (PvE) as well as real players (PvP).
  • Craft and enhance the best weapons and armor you’ve ever seen.
  • Build and develop your own hidden military base.
  • Fight for world domination with your faction on a dynamic world map.

Thomas Friedmann, CEO of developer Funatics Software: “We are happy to announce the premiere of ‘UFO Online’ on Steam that marks the end of the Open Beta test. After listening to community feedback we completely reworked the balancing and are looking forward to meeting players online!”
The Steam version of UFO Online is identical with other versions of the game but features exclusive starter packages that cater to new players and veterans alike.

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