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Tribal Wars Hits 50 Million Player Mark

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Classic strategy game Tribal Wars has just reached 50 million registered players, only weeks after announcing its 10th birthday. The free online title that laid the foundation for developer and publisher InnoGames is still going strong, with 2012 being the most successful year yet. While the game continues to find popularity in its home country of Germany with six million players, countries such as Poland and Brazil now also boast high registration numbers to rival this – with 7.3 million and 5.4 million respectively.

“Reaching 50 million feels especially good,” explains InnoGames CEO Hendrik Klindworth, “because it was a total grassroots effort – Just a passion that changed (our) lives.” About ten years ago, Hendrik, his brother Eike and their friend Michael Zillmer were searching for an online game which completely met their demands. As they did not find any, they decided to simply create one on their own. After a few months, Tribal Wars was published and after three years as a hobby project, they founded the company InnoGames in order to run the game.

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