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Third War of the Worlds begins in Legacy of the Dragons

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MailRU has released a new special week-long feature for Legend: Legacy of the Dragons.

Until April 17, players can battle in a cross-realm war known as “Third War of the Worlds.” Each player can represent their server and enter the new Ancient Temple of the Chosen, and fight beside or against other realms. Victors gain points based on completed matches, with the top server being crowned the true Dragons. Points can also be used to win prizes including 80,000 valor and a set of Red Weapons for the champion of each server. also publishes Riot Zone and Juggernaut.

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Represent Your Server With Pride

Hamburg, Germany – April 11, 2012 – MailRU has unveiled a new feature for their smash online title Legacy of the Dragons! ( From now until April 17th, fight against fellow warriors from the English, Polish, German, Spanish, Italian, and French servers in an all-out cross-realm war known as the Third War of the Worlds.

Representing your server means entering the newly unveiled Ancient Temple of the Chosen. Meet warriors from different servers in the Arena of Underground Knights, the Crystalline Caves, and of course the Temple, where you will fight alongside or against these new compatriots. Victors will be awarded points based on which match is completed, and only one server will be crowned the true Dragons.

Individual effort does not go unrecognized: accrue 100 points on the battlefield and win up to 80,000 valor, used to purchase items from the reward shop. The single warrior who receives the most points per server will also receive a coveted set of Red Weapons. There is extremely few of these available now, and only six will be rewarded during the Third War.

Will you be the victor?

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