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Sneak Preview: Dark Blood Battle Pets Care Guide

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To help fans prepare for Outspark’s release of DARK BLOOD BATTLE PETS targeted for Thursday, October 25, MMOHuts nabbed a exclusive sneak peek at the Battle Pets Care Guide. Here’s what’s inside:

What are Battle Pets? What do they do?

Battle Pets are your new best friend. They accompany you on your adventures through the world of Dark Blood. As you grow, they grow, and when needed most, they have your back in battle as you fight fierce monsters and bosses.

How do I adopt a pet?

Battle Pets are hatched from eggs which you can acquire from the Dark Blood Store or Auction House. After you acquire an egg, make sure it is in your regular inventory and right click to start bringing it with you.

What fun can I have with my egg? Do I need to be careful not to crack it?

You can run and play with your egg, and don’t be afraid to go into dungeons with it – it’s battle-tested! Your egg needs the fighting experience to grow and evolve.

What if I don’t want to hang out with it all the time? Can I drop it off somewhere for daycare.

Yes, daycare is available at Lily’s Pet House.

How do Battle Pets evolve?

Battle Pets can only grow to a level as high as you. Visit the Lily, the Pet Master NPC, to evolve your Battle Pet. Once evolved, your Battle Pet will have more skills and be stronger! Pet evolution takes place when your Battle Pet reaches Level 10, 20, and 40.

Do I have to feed my Battle Pet?

On their own, Battle Pets do not need feeding. However, when you take them into a dungeon, battle wears down their energy. You can replenish their energy with Pet Feed which is available from Lily and the Dark Blood store.

What happens if my Battle Pet runs out of energy?

If your Pet runs out of energy it will refuse to come out and play and it will not go into dungeons with you.

What if I want to change my Battle Pet’s name?

Simply fill out a Battle Pet Name Change Ticket.

Can I have more than one Battle Pet?

Yes you can! You can raise as many as you have space for.

Can they all fight with me at the same time?

Nope, only one at time. The others can play at Lily’s.

How many Battle Pets are available?

Currently there are six Battle Pets available: Glutton, Parrot, Snail, Worm, Lizard, and Spark. Each with different skills. Some provide buffs while others do direct damage.

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